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Time and Date

Yesterday I have been asked to checked on a PC in my school. It is belong to Mr Teoh, one of the Vice Principal. He told me that his antivirus cannot update and many threat especially the latest cannot be cleaned. I came into the rescue then.

When I looked after his PC, I try to manually updating the antivirus, but it failed. Then, I looked at the time setting of the PC. I saw the time and date is incorrect and managed to put it back on the right time. After the time is correct, somehow the antivirus software told me that the activation period has expired and need to renew. I wondering why could it be because Mr Teoh have this antivirus installed for two months.

In my opinion, I could think the time and date setting is essential for software installation. Especially the antivirus software. The RM69 has been ‘burnt’ after mistakenly installed on incorrect time and date PC.

For the solution of this problem, I give him a free antivirus by Avira. It is easy to handle than the previous antivirus that has been installed on that PC. Hence, it is better to have a ‘not so strong’  but free and up to date security threat antivirus than a very strong antivirus but put extra ‘headache’ to your processor and your financial.


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